FINALLY I can say, “Welcome to Legends of Aukera!” It’s been a long time coming, for sure; the seeds of these (and many other!) stories have been germinating in our heads for many years now. Rory and I are both thrilled to be able to show you what we’ve been working on for so long!
Legends of Aukera is a website devoted to Aukera, the fantasy world Rory and I have developed. It’s got your typical elves and dragons and wizards, but we’d like to think we’ve made things interesting with the stories we’re planning to tell. The first, The Ascendants, focuses on the port city of Dagruum and Felosial, an elven mage, who inadvertently stumbles into an adventure she wasn’t intending on having. This story will be presented as a webcomic, and will be updated on a weekly basis.
We’ll also be updating some of the lore associated with the world of Aukera. What we have shown here is just the tip of the iceberg, so be sure to check back regularly to learn more about Aukera and the people who live there!
Later, we plan to roll out more stories we’ve created, focusing on other parts of Aukera and different heroes and villains. But for now, our emphasis will be on The Ascendants. I’ve been working on this comic (slowly but surely!) for nearly two years now, and it’s been a dream of mine to create a comic of my own. I’m still learning as I go, but so far the process has been incredible, and I can only hope the feedback I receive is positive!
Thanks so much for checking us out, and please don’t hesitate to contact Rory or me if you have anything to say!

Click the image below to start reading! Enjoy!