I know, I know, it isn’t related to Aukera or the Ascendants at all, but I thought maybe you guys would like to see some fanart from the very awesome game Prince of Persia. (No, no, not the one like that silly movie, the 2008 Playstation 3 version.) Every once in a while I have to let loose and just draw something for fun. This was inspired by a screenshot posted over on Tumblr (here’s the link) that I thought really captured the Prince and Elika’s dynamic. This is one of the BEST games I have ever played. I wish a sequel was even remotely possible! It’s very refreshing to see such a strong female presence like Elika in a video game.

To get back on track, Rory and I have decided to update the comic in three-page-a-week chunks so as to kick the story into gear and try to get all you fabulous readers caught up and invested. :) This won’t be a permanent thing, however; just until Chapter One is finished. (I wish I could blow through my buffer pages that quickly! I am excited to show you all what I have, but managing a one page a week schedule will have to do for now, unfortunately.) Don’t worry, we’ll let you know right here on the homepage as soon as the pages are up!

Anyways, Check back tomorrow for a smallish update to the Lore section, and then be sure to check back next Monday for three more juicy pages of The Ascendants!