Anyone who knows me pretty well knows how much I LOVE HALLOWEEN. It’s mostly being able to dress up that gets me so excited. (Don’t get me wrong, though: I’m a sucker for pumpkin spice everything and I love candy just as much as the next girl.) Now that Rory and I have kids, it gives us a legitimate excuse to go trick-or-treating AND to wear costumes. This year we have an even BETTER excuse for being fully-grown adults who dress up as fictional characters: GRAND RAPIDS COMIC-CON!

It’s the first year for this particular con, and it’s happening October 12. Since it’s so close to Halloween, they are doing a costume contest! Which brings me to the title of this particular blog post: adventures in cosplay, or, if you like, noob cosplay, since neither Rory nor I have ever sewn, crafted, or otherwise created our own costumes in any way.

The past few years I’ve tried going with a theme for our whole family’s costumes; last year Fiona was dressed as Merida, so I went as Queen Elinor, Rory was William Wallace, and Liam was a little kilted Scotsman. The very wonderful and talented seamstress Lisa Reynolds made all of our costumes last year, and they turned out AMAZING. This year is a bit different since we wanted to try to do our own, and we can only loosely be described as having a theme. (Video game characters sort of?) I fangirled/glommed on to Ratonhnhaketon from Assassin’s Creed III pretty hardcore, and when the Tyranny of King Washington DLC was released, I realized that I simply HAD to dress up in Connor’s wolf-headed Mohawk warrior attire. Fiona received Wreck-It-Ralph for her birthday, and both her and Liam watched the hell outta that movie. I asked her if she wanted to dress up like Vanellope for Halloween, and she seemed pretty serious about it, (well, as serious as a five year old can be about anything) so we went with Vanellope for her and Fix-It Felix for Liam. Rory initially wanted to go as Mega-Man to jive with the video game characters idea, but that particular costume is a little beyond our expertise level. So he went with classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder, and lemme tell ya, his costume is turning out to be seriously badass.

roryshredderwip2             shredderarmorwip

Obviously this is WIP so far, since Rory is sporting his sexy PJ pants I got him. :) The armor pieces are made from craft foam; we found a tutorial on how to make craft foam armor here and it was really helpful. We were both unsure about it at first, since the foam sheets are so thin, but we were both pleasantly surprised at how well they are turning out so far. He still has to coat them with the shiny silvery paint stuff.


Fiona’s Vanellope costume wasn’t so much sewing/crafting as it was finding the right items. I could not, for the life of me, find a pullover hoodie that was the right shade of minty green, so I ended up getting a zip-up hoodie from Target that was a close enough shade. My sister-in-law Chelsea sewed on the little pink doo-dads with yarn, and that red bundle of string is going to be Fiona’s licorice string hair tie. I bought the striped tights from We Love Colors, (which is AWESOME by the way; if you need any crazy colored tights, that’s the place to find them) and the skirt is an eBay find.

I’ll post some more pictures later this week; stayed tuned for costume (mis)adventures part two!