As I promised earlier this week, here is the MUCH anticipated (sarcasm) part two of my adventures in costume making!

First, here’s an updated picture of Rory’s classic TMNT Shredder armor. After putting on seven layers of this watery glue mixture to seal the craft foam, he put shiny silver rub’n’buff as a layer to make it look, well, shiny. Next was a second layer of this silvery leafing liquid stuff that I obviously don’t quite know what it really is used for, but it made the bright, flat silver shine darker and slightly more textured. You can’t tell from the picture very well, but it looks sweet:


Anyways, as far as my costume, I’ve never sewn anything in my entire life. Not even a button. I didn’t think I would need to use needle and thread at all for my Ratonhnhaketon stuff, but boy was I surprised.

ratonhnhaketonstuff2     ratonhnhaketonstuff

The loin cloth you see in the first picture started its life as an ugly tan suede ladies skirt, rescued from a life as a never-ending eBay auction. It was the best six bucks I’ve ever spent! That sucker has been cut all to hell and sewn back together and its holding up like a champ. Let’s hope it lasts through Halloween and the comic con! I was even able to purchase REAL FRIGGIN COYOTE BONES on eBay for the hangy bone thing in the front. I was really weirded out about handling them at first, but Rory made a good point: at least the bones aren’t getting thrown out or wasted.

My first attempt at sewing was with the Felix name patch I attached to the blue shirt for Liam’s Fix-It Felix shirt, as shown here:


Rory even spray painted one of his toy hammers gold!

I could go on and on about the various ways I made these oh-this-should-be-easy-to-make-but-is-way-harder-than-I-thought-and-has-a-shit-ton-of-pieces costumes, but that would only bore you. I’ll post pictures of us all in our costumes after comic-con next weekend. If you’re near Wyoming, Michigan on October 12, you should check out Grand Rapids Comic-Con!