We had a fun and nerd-tastic day today at the Webb household! Yep, you read it right, it was Grand Rapids Comic-Con day! We all dressed up in our costumes we’ve been working so diligently on; here’s a picture of us as we were waiting in line this morning:


So, I’ll give you my thoughts/opinions about the con. Granted, I did have two small children with me, so a majority of the time I was worried about them running off or getting out of my sight. (I can’t help it! It’s a mom thing for sure.) The convention started at 10, with early admission at 9 for an extra cost. We got there at about 10 AM, and the line was already crazy long to get inside. The parking lot was completely full. The venue was wayyy too small; they underestimated the nerdiness of Grand Rapids residents or something.

We waited in line for a little over an hour, which isn’t so bad. Maybe ten minutes after we got inside, they had reached the maximum capacity for the building’s fire code, so we were lucky we got in when we did. There were TONS of cosplayers there, which was awesome!! Rory’s Shredder costume was by far the most popular out of all of ours, although Fiona dressed as Vanellope got a few fans, as well.

1385523_10201813592008911_2118493832_n      1391986_10201814799999110_754538378_n  (We had Liam practice holding up his hammer and saying, “I can FIX it!” but he was too shy to do it in front of all the people.)

It was really really REALLY crowded inside. There were some cool vendors, but we didn’t walk out of there with any sweet swag. The kids all got to pick out an old He-Man toy, so they were happy. And they had some blue punch that you could buy with unlimited refills that was quite delicious!

My Ratonhnhaketon costume turned out pretty cool. I only had one person who knew who I was, though, SADFACE. Oh well! I’m glad it turned out and I had a chance to wear it out in public amongst my fellow nerds.

1391538_10101466174536495_998039008_n (I was standing on my backyard picnic table since the wolf hood covered most of my face, hehe.)

We went to the con with our four best friends, two of which have a son Fiona’s age. We all agreed that it was fun to dress up and see all the other costumes, but the venue needs to be much bigger next year. We are hoping the event planners realize this; they had to turn a LOT of people away and there are some angry folks posting about it on Facebook. I hope the negative press doesn’t affect the chances of Grand Rapids getting a bigger and better shot at a comic convention in the near future.

It’s been a whirlwind week of costuming and preparing for the convention, but the good news is, we are all ready for Halloween now! Now, time to collapse!