Oh yes, you read that right. I just started sketching out my family Christmas card illustration tonight. It’s been a sort of off-and-on tradition for me to have an illustrated Christmas card to hand/mail out to all my friends and family each year. (I say off-and-on because there were a couple years there where I didn’t have the time or energy to draw anything, most notably right after my son was born the end of November.) They started off as simple family portraits, drawn realistically, like this:


and have since evolved into wacky cartoons, like the one from last year:


So, yeah, I used to hate working on these, but now they have turned into something I mull over for a while until something perfect comes to mind. I’ve been giggling crazily as I sketch out this year’s version, and just because I love you all, I’ll give you a teeny preview:


Think on that what you will, but Rory sure doesn’t look happy, does he?

I can’t wait to show you the finished illustration.