Hey guys! I just submitted my illustration for the Comic Creators for Freedom project, a collective of webcomic creators who are looking to help stop human trafficking. Each year they hold a donation drive to bring awareness to the problem and bring in some needed funds, all of which go to LOVE146.

They explain it a heck of a lot better on their website, which you can access by clicking the image below:


Anyways, the theme for the webcomic creators this year was “Awkward School Pictures.” Basically each comic creator submits an illustration of one of their characters posed as if they were in a school photo. They can be elementary through high school aged. I would have had SO much fun with some of my characters, but since I’m a newer webcomic-er and Felosial is the “main” character, I opted to go with her. Here’s what I submitted:


I guess big ole’ bows were in style back in the elven lands of Aukera.

The donation drive is December 2-14, so be sure to donate what you can and see all of the awesome artwork the comic creators have made! They combine all of the illustrations into one giant, amazing wallpaper you can download. I’ll be sure to remind you all when the drive begins, of course. :)