So hey guys! We’ve been sitting on some pretty big news for a couple months now, but we can blast it off to the world now: we were picked up by Caliber Comics! HUZZAH! That’s right, we got ourselves a legit comic book publisher. As you can probably imagine, Rory and I are really stoked about our partnership with Caliber. What is even more awesome is that Caliber Comics is based right here in Michigan! We’re in the company of some really talented creators, which is both exhilarating and humbling at the same time, hahah!

So for right now, the plan is to have each chapter of The Ascendants (called “Legends of Aukera: The Ascendants” from now on) available as a digital comic, through both Amazon and Comixology. Chapter One is already available for sale on Amazon HERE and will be up on Comixology some time next week. The resulting chapters should be up soon; we’ll be sure to let you all know when they are ready! (Look for spiffy new covers that I’ve been hustling to illustrate fast enough!) The graphic novels will be printed, just as they already have been, but there’s no ETA on when those will be ready for purchase. We still have copies of all three graphic novels that we sell at conventions; the only difference between ours and the ones Caliber will be printing is that ours won’t have the Caliber Comics logo or ISBN numbers on them. We are planning to get an online storefront ready, so you can purchase the books from the comfort of your own homes, if you so desire! More information on that will be forthcoming, for sure.

So what does that mean for the comic here on the website? We’ll still be posting new pages every Monday! Very little will change with the comic on the website as it is now.

We’re both REALLY happy and nervous and excited and all kinds of crazy emotions! Thank you so much for reading our humble comic and listening to our stories, and look for more awesome things to come in the near future!